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MicroHub is a solution for businesses that want to work smarter, become more efficient and be more competitive. At its core, MicroHub is a customisable App for smartphones/tablets and Windows computers. Behind the beautiful and easy to use interface, are intelligent workflows that automate tasks in your business so they take less time. When your team open MicroHub, they are presented with MicroApps, which are icons that represent each type of task they need to do. 

You control how your MicroApps function, so it's like a custom app built for your business without the huge development costs associated with a custom solution.

When your biggest expense is staff labour and the cost associated with non-sales administration (eg: paperwork, forms, safety, finance, tracking, sign offs, invoicing, reporting). Think of what would happen if you streamlined all these activities so every workflow in your business is as efficient as it could be.


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Control the capture of information

Eliminate paper, pens, emails, phone calls, cameras and other devices from your team. Capture text, customer signatures, GPS location, photos, barcodes, paywave-like NFC tags all from your existing smartphones and tablets. Collect everything you need on the spot using MicroHub.

Business examples: Proof of visit/delivery, Safe Work Method Statements, Customer acceptance, Safety checklists, Job completion document with photos, staff timesheets. 

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Built for your business

MicroHub is customised to improve key processes in your business. It's like having a custom app designed just for you, without the high software development cost. The app is so customisable that your MicroHub will look and work differently to another's. We look at your processes then help design MicroHub to control the capture, storage and output of all work flows in your business. 


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Customise the output

Once you've captured information, you can decide what happens to it, and when. Produce a Word document or PDF with the layout you desire for emailing or printing. Automatically send a submission to your customer as an email attachment or send a submission to your accounts team for processing of an job invoice, then to your owner to sign off. 

Business examples: Staff leave form approvals to HR/manager, Job sheets to your contractors, Job completion advice to the customer and your accounts department.

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Streamline your workflow

What processes do your team do manually at the moment? What bottlenecks exist and why? When you can automate and streamline tasks that take time, you become a more efficient and more competitive business. 

Stocktakes? Use barcodes, and NFC tags to speed up the counting and variation reporting.
Checklists and forms? Use MicroHub to turn it into an app screen on smartphones/tablets.
Delays getting documents out? Automatically route documents, proposals and jobs sheets instantly. 



Centrally Store information

Anything captured by MicroHub using smartphones, tablets or computers is stored centrally in the cloud so it's accessible almost anywhere. Integrate MicroHub with other systems such as cloud storage (eg: Google Drive) Sharepoint sites, etc. This means you can search and find things almost instantly since it's all in one spot. Eg: search by customer name, address etc.

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Reduce Errors and re-work

Through intelligent design, field validation (eg: drop down boxes, conditional questions) and mandatory fields, you can reduce the instances of wrong information going into your systems. MicroHub guides your staff in an easy and instructional way so that it helps them do their job quicker and more accurately. Forms can include text and images to 'show' staff how to do certain tasks as the questions are presented. 




Customised for your business

MicroHub allows business owners and operation managers to customise the system to suite their needs. How it works, how it looks and the layout of screens is completely up to you. When you open the MicroHub app, you're presented with MicroApps which are icons that represent the tasks your team can complete. We learn about how your business currently functions and then streamline it by turning them into digital versions that are more efficient and reduces errors. 



Control the capture of information

GPS location, text, photos, barcodes, NFC tags (works like credit card tap and go payments) and signatures are examples of the types of information you can ask your team to capture when they complete a task. 


Customise the output

You can decide what happens with the information once it has been captured. You can:

  • Store it in the MicroHub cloud
  • Send all submissions as emails with PDF attachments
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint 
  • Copy to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive

Retrieve live information

MicroHub not only captures information in the field on mobile devices, but each MicroHub app can also retrieve information from central sources. This can include a parts/price list or other information that helps your team complete the submission faster or more accurately. 

Manage workflows

By streamlining your work processes with MicroHub, there are no more bottlenecks caused by individual team members. You can make a "Job complete" app (which includes before and after photos, details and customer signatures) automatically send a "Job Completion" email with everything as an attachment via email to the customer, then send a "Please Invoice" email to your accountant or admin team in the office so the job is invoiced on the spot, and a "Job record" entry in your Sharepoint tracking list which has statistics of the day's jobs for the boss to view.  




If you're interested in learning about MicroHub and what it can do for your business, please contact us using the form below or by using the following contact details.

Contact Details

  • Phone: (03) 5246 9900
  • Visit: 1/17 Fenwick Street, Geelong 3220 (Appointments recommended)