Customised for your business

MicroHub allows business owners and operation managers to customise the system to suite their needs. How it works, how it looks and the layout of screens is completely up to you. When you open the MicroHub app, you're presented with MicroApps which are icons that represent the tasks your team can complete. We learn about how your business currently functions and then streamline it by turning them into digital versions that are more efficient and reduces errors. 



Control the capture of information

GPS location, text, photos, barcodes, NFC tags (works like credit card tap and go payments) and signatures are examples of the types of information you can ask your team to capture when they complete a task. 


Customise the output

You can decide what happens with the information once it has been captured. You can:

  • Store it in the MicroHub cloud
  • Send all submissions as emails with PDF attachments
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint 
  • Copy to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive

Retrieve live information

MicroHub not only captures information in the field on mobile devices, but each MicroHub app can also retrieve information from central sources. This can include a parts/price list or other information that helps your team complete the submission faster or more accurately. 

Manage workflows

By streamlining your work processes with MicroHub, there are no more bottlenecks caused by individual team members. You can make a "Job complete" app (which includes before and after photos, details and customer signatures) automatically send a "Job Completion" email with everything as an attachment via email to the customer, then send a "Please Invoice" email to your accountant or admin team in the office so the job is invoiced on the spot, and a "Job record" entry in your Sharepoint tracking list which has statistics of the day's jobs for the boss to view.